How does it work?


Asia’s Best Company of the Year Awards, through its rigorous & unbiased research, actively tries to push the envelope of recognizing the companies which are creating a positive impact on the world we live in.

It is one of the most premier recognition for a company to achieve due to its distinctive & exhaustive research & selection process that is conducted by Berkshire Media, USA to select the Best companies from all across Asia in their particular industry segment. It is a recognition by invitation only.

• Level 1: The First level of research was initiated by generating a list of about 1000 companies from all over Asia across the service and infrastructure sectors, and 64 subcategories were drawn up through secondary research via market studies and type specific company reports. The list of companies was prepared using existing listings, rankings, other research reports, and available sources.

• Level 2: The preliminary list of 1000 companies was scrutinized on a scale of 1 to 10 (where one is the lowest and ten is the highest) and thoroughly examined by our research team on the above parameters. The group explored the parameters mentioned above and took into account the company’s international presence and USP. Based on the above parameters, the Berkshire Media team shortlisted the list of 250 companies to be ASIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR under the purview of the research.

• Level 3: The list of 250 companies with the above parameters was sent to a panel of eminent jury members to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. (The jury consists of top renowned leaders from various areas such as Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, including an international expert advisor).

• Final Level: The final list of companies for ASIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS was based on cumulative scores received by the jury and the editorial team.
25 % weightage was given to the Berkshire Media Team evaluation
75 % weightage was given to the jury scoring.

• Analysis: The cumulative scoring of the Berkshire Media team & jury members was undertaken to finalize the winners of “ASIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS.”


As we identify Asia’s businesses and leaders who are on a continuous improvement journey, we want to recognize & honor their efforts – not only as an award for what they have achieved but to establish role models for lessons learned and to motivate others to improve and pursue their path of business excellence.

Nominating an Asian Company/Business you know would be an excellent opportunity to honor them while possibly revealing your case study that helped them accomplish this success. Whether your company/organization provides financing, accounting, consulting, legal, human resources, marketing, technology, software, manufacturing, logistics, or other services or products to Asian businesses, you are likely to have a customer, client, or supplier that stands out of the crowd. The companies which belief they exemplify excellence & have become best in class are also welcome to self-nominate.

Berkshire Media Team/Jury Consilium will initially screen the nominated companies for suitability & eligibility. Those companies passing this initial screening will only be included in the other evaluation process.

There are no charges to nominate a company. Completing this nomination survey, while required for award consideration, does not guarantee your Nominee’s inclusion. Inclusion is subject to meeting specific criteria consistent with the mission, objectives, and policies of the Berkshire Media Consilium. The information you enter is also subject to editing for style, accuracy, or other reasons.

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