Asia’s Best Company of The Year Awards are about rewarding the good businesses that have proven true to their principles. It has always been considered the ultimate pay off to the hard work & the efforts put in by the companies throughout the year. The trust and the reputation associated with this prestigious title enable the companies to rise & shine among their competitors.

• Winning Asia’s Best Company of the Year Award gives the companies a more substantial reason for being & helps to boost the morale of the employees and create a bona fide trust among the stakeholders of the companies.

• A golden opportunity to be part of a distinguished event that has been rated by analysts, and experts leaders from different domains as the most credible and prestigious title in the recent history of business awards.

• The achievement of the ASIA’S BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARDS is the most powerful way to enhance your company image. It will provide worldwide recognition and prestige and a competitive advantage in driving business in this tumultuous competitive world.

• During our market research programs & study, we discovered that the companies who have included our logo in their publicity material in the past had witnessed a growth of 5% to 35% in their business.

• 82% of the industry people, consumers & other stakeholders prefer to get associated with / buy products or services / conduct new business with the company using the logo & the title of Asia’s Best Company of the Year due to the goodwill, trust factor & awareness of our logo.

All sectors of business in manufacturing and service, whether public, private, government, NGOs, self-accounting institutions, or business units, are eligible to get this award.

What will your company get from the association with this award?

• One-yearar logo usage rights of Asia’s Best Company of The Year will be provided to you. The logo can be used in all your publicity material & marketing collaterals (i.e., brochures, catalogs, hoardings, print & digital advertisements, communications, packaging, etc.) for the next year from the date of receiving the award.

• Publicity through press release distribution, publicity on social media platforms, and other PR activities.

• A trophy & certificate with the title of Asia’s Best Company of The Year Award will
be presented to your company.

• Media kit including a press release copy, various formats of the logo, and banner design to display your achievement on the premises & for marketing / promotional purposes.

• Award recipient logo to be displayed on our awards website with other winners.